Public Speaker Sign up Guide

The purpose of this manual is to guide new public speakers through creating an account and completing their profile.

Step 1

a) From the homepage, click the signup button in the menu:

public speaker sign up

Step 2

a) Complete all the fields with a red asterisk:

mirthy register

Step 3

a) Your account will be reviewed by the team at Mirthy:

sign up thank you

Step 4

a) You will then receive two emails from Mirthy confirming your account registration. If you can’t see them, check your spam / junk folder:

two emails

a) 1st email:

email thank you

2nd email (this only happens once Mirthy approves the account and could take up to 24 hours):

active email

Step 5

a) Back on the website, sign in using your email address and password created earlier (see the images below):

sign in
enter details

Step 6

a) Once signed in, click on the ‘Add Profile’ page in the main menu to complete your personal details (this only has to be done once):

add profile

b) Upload a headshot for your profile and add other basic details:

complete profile

c) Choose how far you are willing to travel to give a talk. Note that if you’re flexible, you can select ‘Anywhere in the UK’:

areas covered

d) Identify your ‘Talk Topics’ (you can select more than one) and then choose ‘Speakers’ from the second dropdown menu under ‘Category’:

talk topics

e) Add information about your fees:

talk fees

f) Complete any other logistical information that an organiser should know prior to booking you for an event:

talk logistics

Step 7

a) Start adding your talks by clicking on the option in the main menu:

add talk

b) Complete each section to provide event organisers will information about your presentation:

talk details

c) When you click ‘Submit’, you will see the following screen:

thank you screen

d) Add all of your individual talks on different topics by completing the same process above.

e) When they are approved by the Mirthy team, they will display at the bottom of your profile:

talk listing

f) If you would like to edit a talk once it has been approved, hover your cursor over your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click on ‘My Listings’. Now, choose a talk and click ‘Edit’:

edit listing

Step 8

a) If you would like to change your account details, such as editing your display name or updating your password, hover over your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click ‘Account Details’:

account details

b) You will then see the following screen:

change details

Step 9

a) Wait for organisers to find your profile and book you for a talk! When they submit a booking request, we will contact you to check your availability and help to organise the event.