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Mirthy connects public speakers with retirement homes and community clubs hosting an event. Covering everything from beekeeping to astronomy, and local history to show business, we provide the technology to search for the best talks by the best speakers. Although we welcome all ages, the majority of talks are run by and for those in retirement age, booked by social clubs like U3A and Probus or retirement home managers organising resident and community events.

"Mirthy helps older adults remain active, social and connected in their community"

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Already a public speaker or want to try? Mirthy is the perfect platform to showcase your profile, placing you front and centre for event searches and booking. If you want to tell engaging stories, impart your knowledge and earn some pocket money at the same time, we can help spread the message to an eager audience. Simply click below, follow the steps to create a compelling profile and let your talks do the talking.

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To get started, select your location from the dropdown menu and click search to see every speaker near you. Filter the profiles by price, topic and reviews to find the perfect person for your talk. Use your event shortlist to favourite potential speakers, submit your selection and let us handle the rest!

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Featured Articles

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In this article, Mirthy member and public speaker Jenny Bowen recounts her time in Zimbabwe and a culinary encounter with a group of lions.

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Here’s a “month in the life” article by Kath Reynolds, a public speaker and Mirthy member who delivers between 8-10 talks every week! Click here to read more.

Speech Writing and Editing

Do audiences lose interest in your talks?

Although speech writing is a practised art, merely simplifying and shortening your presentation is often the key to delivering a memorable performance.

Let’s see how to do it.

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