About us

Mirthy’s mission is to help those in later life remain active, connected and engaged in their community.
We hope to achieve this by providing a platform to connect public speakers and event organisers, facilitating in-person events and meetups, complemented by an expanding library of online resources.

In the future, we aim to offer additional social groups and services, both online and off, catering for a range of activities and interests to engage our community.

Who we are

Loneliness and social isolation are growing social problems, and we’re confident that interactive events can address the issue, allowing our members to forge lasting friendships over shared interests.
After all, there’s no age limit on activity. Many of our members redefine what it means to be retired, leading fulfilling lives full of cause and contribution.

With access to intergenerational and peer support, not only can we ensure sustained health and wellbeing in later life, but also create strong, vibrant communities.

Our team

The Mirthy team are a group of aspiring vision-creators and change-makers who see a bright future for those in later life:


Alex Ramamurthy



Dhruv Haria



Joel Key



Chris Dowdell

Tech and Web

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