About us

Mirthy is an online platform for professional public speakers, often retirees themselves, to provide online talks to over 50s at home.

Through our remote talks and interactive Q&A sessions, we want to connect over 50s and allow them to exercise their interests and passions, wherever they’re based.

In the future, we aim to offer additional social groups and activities, both online and off, to engage our community.

The Mirthy Mission

Mirthy’s mission is to help over 50s remain active, social and productive. Together we are determined to reimagine retirement!

Not only will this new approach provide a much-needed social antidote in this period of self-isolation, but will entertain and inform our community.

Our team

The Mirthy team are a group of aspiring vision-creators and change-makers who see a bright future for over 50s:


Alex Ramamurthy



Dhruv Haria



Joel Key



Chris Dowdell

Tech and Web

Dianne Mannering

Community Manager

Abbie Jessop

Abbie Jessop

Community Manager