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How do I become a Mirthy speaker?

You can sign up for a free account here. We provide a platform for speakers to promote their talks and offer virtual talks through recordings. If you would like to offer a recorded talk for catalogue of online events, please email once you have registered for a speaker account and read the information on recording your talk.

How do I record and submit a talk?

Please see the advice and explainer videos on the public speakers resource page (accessible once you've created a speaker account) to explore the options available for recording talks. The most popular methods are PowerPoint 365, Screencast-O-Matic or recorded Zoom presentation. 

Once you have decided you want to proceed, please record the first 5-10 minutes of your presentation and send it to using or by sending a Dropbox link. 

We will then provide feedback on the audio, visuals, presentation and content of the clip and offer recommendations before you record the full 45-50 minute talk. 

After receiving this feedback, you can enjoy recording your full talk! 

Once completed, send over the file in the same way, along with 2 paragraphs of text - a 'Talk Description' (50-100 words) and 'Speaker bio' (50- 100 words) - and an image for the catalogue page.

We will confirm once we have received and, after checking everything is in order, shall upload onto our catalogue.

You are now a registered Mirthy speaker with an online talk available!

How long should online talks last?

Please try to keep your talks to between 45-50 mins, which is the sweet spot for our online audience. This may be followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A if the talk is booked as a Premium booking.

Are there any guidelines for public speakers?

The most important rule is to have fun! Your enthusiasm for the subject should shine through, making it an enjoyable experience for attendees.

However, getting the technical aspects of your talk right is essential for ensuring an enjoyable experience for online viewers. Please read the speakers guidelines here and watch the instructional videos on this page before hitting the record button.

Will you provide feedback on my recorded talk?

We provide feedback on the first 5-10 minute clip you send us. After you've submitted your recorded talk, the team will review it and apply our internal rating system (based on visual, audio, presentation and content). At this stage, we will only get in touch if there is something that needs changing. Note that in some cases you may be asked to redo your recording to ensure the presentation is popular with our audience. 

How do I get bookings?

One of the benefits of being a Mirthy member is that we promote your profile to our partner organisations. However, you'll enjoy even more bookings by actively marketing your own services. Once you've reached out to us about creating an online talk, the best way to encourage enquiries is to contact event secretaries who've booked you for previous events. Offering their members online talks has proven very popular.

Can I connect with other speakers?

Yes, we're keen to create an interactive community at Mirthy by connecting our members. Please visit this page (after you've registered for the Mirthy platform) to participate in our speaker forum. Feel free to ask questions, share your insights and offer help to other users.

We are also starting a monthly workshop for speakers to connect and share their experiences and ideas.

I'm new to public speaking - can I still join?

Of course! We encourage everyone to try public speaking. It’s a genuinely rewarding and confidence-building activity, allowing you to share your knowledge and experience with an eager audience. We are also here to provide you with as much support as necessary, particularly for the first few talks. Our online attendees are generally very receptive and with practice, your public speaking skills will soon improve!

How do I get paid for a talk?

Club organisers book talks either on a basic booking, for which you will receive £25 each time, or premium booking, for which we will contact you to check your availability to provide a Q&A following the talk’s screening. For premium talk bookings, you will receive £75.

Following your talk, we'll send you an invoice template to complete with various details such as your fees and bank details. Once returned, we'll make payment by bank transfer within 7 days. Please reach out to us at if you have any specific requirements.

Are there any copyright guidelines?

Please click on the button below to download a pdf document of Mirthy's copyright guidelines.

How can I get my talked booked as a Premium talk?

There is no difference in content of the talk itself from Basic and Premium bookings; the same talk can be booked as either as Basic booking or a Premium booking. The difference between a Basic and Premium booking is the level of live interaction: a Premium booking has audience interaction through the chat function and live Q&A after the talk. Those who register for the talk also receive access to a 7-day replay of the talk. All accepted talks are of a high-quality, which is why being a Mirthy speaker is an assurance of quality.

Why Mirthy?

Benefit 1:

Become part of an organisation with full-time staff working to support public speakers.

Benefit 2:

Be supported to receive club bookings all over the UK and beyond through Mirthy's website.

Benefit 3:

Greater flexibility in timings: with pre-recorded talks, clashes in bookings are no longer a problem!

Benefit 4:

Receive one-on-one feedback on your talks, and have the opportunity to attend training events with other public speakers.